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Let's Shape The Future

Research, Debate, Strategize and Design For A Better Future

Who We Are

FutureWise is a research based consulting firm specialized in Research, Strategy, People, Customer and Society advisory services.

Our Services


We help our clients navigate today’s macroeconomic, commercial, social and technological changes by developing customized strategizing approaches, improving knowledge creation capabilities and facilitating the re-formulation of corporate purpose and capital allocation strategies.

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We help our clients co-create the future of work with their employees by employing our customized Research-Debate-Strategize-Design methodology. Our approach helps our clients hear the voices of their employees with qualitative and quantitative research, debate the issues, co-strategize for future and design end-to-end or specific solutions, processes, structures and spaces.

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Customer strategy is an integral part of capital allocation and portfolio management strategies. As FutureWise we follow a holistic approach that integrates our FutureInsights to our FutureCustomer services to formulate business and customer strategies that allocate limited resources to high profit customer segments, products, services and customer experience solutions.

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As the world is going through multi-dimensional challenges, we help our clients formulate strategies to respond to the unprecedented responsibilities and expectations of their societies and employees by employing an interdisciplinary OpenStrategy approach that involves internal and external stakeholders, academics, researchers, professionals and designers.

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To make sense of the mega transformations, gain a comprehensive understanding of the business context and translate the results into actionable strategies for our clients, we continuously conduct qualitative and quantitative research and produce MacroInsights, StrategicInsights, PeopleInsights, IndustryInsights and CustomerInsights.

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