Our Approach

Future Insight and Initiatives

Setting the Research Agenda
  • Continuous screening of economic, social, technological, environmental and political factors and creating potential research agendas 
  • Prioritization and selection of focus areas for businesses and society
  • Sessions with academicians and Co-thinkers group
  • Interviews with industry experts and opinion leaders
Research Design
  • Selection of research methodology and design of FutureResearch
  • Execution of field research
  • Data analysis and synthesis of research findings
Knowledge Creation
  • FutureDebate meetings and workshops to get inspiration from representatives of diversified disciplines and practices
  • Discussion of FutureResearch insight with a wide range of participants of professionals, academicians, experts and leaders to come up with potential future initiatives
  • FutureDesign workshops to translate research output into actionable knowledge/insight and strategic initiatives for the client organization